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Providers of Networked Telemetry Solutions

CYPLEX continues to grow and offer innovative solutions to many sectors of the market. Remote metering for Utilities, Remote Site Monitoring, Water Conservation, Pollution Control and Compliance and Security are just a few of the solutions on which we can be engaged.

Remote Metering Applications

Packetiser, the world's most advanced AMR meter interface, will connect to "smart" RS-232 Gas, Electricity and Water meters or directly to "dumb" pulse output meters, providing low-cost Automatic Meter Reading solutions. >> more information

Innovative Telemetry

Packetiser is more than just a data logger ! It's a "smart" module able to perform many control, monitoring and logging functions while supporting low-cost SMS (or other) packetised data communications over popular telephone and data networks. >> more information

Calling all Distributors...

Would you like to become a CYPLEX partner, distributing our products in your country? Worldwide demand for our Networked Telemetry solutions is increasing in a variety of countries ranging from Iran to Canada, Malaysia to England.

The CYPLEX Packetiser is entirely progammable over existing cellular networks (from anywhere in the world), so our International Head Office in Sydney Australia can provide all the technical support needed for our overseas partners.

Interested companies should contact us at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it or phone + 61 2 9482 4269.

World Water Crisis: A Potential Solution

Our recent projects with the Malaysian Water Authorities has demonstrated that CYPLEX offers a viable solution to agencies concerned about water wastage. Our NRW (Non Revenue Water) solutions give authorities the ability to detect and respond to leakages in a systematic manner, acheiving significant savings.

The CYPLEX Packetiser remotely monitors water usage from the convenience of your own mobile phone! >> more information



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