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Water Conservation

What if you could tell if consumers, water tanks and infrastructure were losing water without having to physically get wet?

Now you can...

The Cyplex Packetiser is now used widely for remote monitoring of water wastage, ALL FROM A MOBILE PHONE!

The increasing pressure on Government and Regulatory agencies to preserve our most precious resource had led to the increased demand for our products in the water conservation arena.

Cyplex now provides a viable solution that allows remote monitoring and control of water resources at low cost by messaging over current mobile phone networks.

Increased social pressure is calling for greater accountability over water usage and Cyplex has the answer for a concerned user.


Automated Agriculture

Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) and SMS packetised data combine to provide state-of-the-art agricultural automation. Farmers now have the option of remotely controlling and monitoring all aspects of their agricultural activities.

From irrigation, stock movements and the controller application of fertiliser through to homestead and machinery security, Packetiser offers a low-cost communications solution via GSM, CDMA and Low Earth Satellite (LOS) communications networks.

Machine to machine (M2M) - Monitoring and control

Monitoring of machine condition and the need for rapid response to faults is a key issue with any service organisation. Packetiser will alert the right man for the job by SMS text messages directly to his mobile phone.

From one machine to hundreds, Packetiser provides SMS alarm messages to a automate your service workforce and a 9600 baud data connection between your remote equipment any PC for real-time monitoring.

Traffic Counting

Counting and profiling the movement of people and vehicular traffic is becoming a necessity with town planners and architects designing buildings and shopping centres. The monitoring of shoppers provides strategic information for optimisation of shopping centre.

Packetiser provides special data logging and traffic profiling and security functions. Installation is easy, as no interconnecting wiring is required. All reporting and alarm messaging is done by low-cost SMS messages to a central control or directly to shop owners and security personnel's mobile 'phones. A new video camera option provides sophisticated image recognition of shoppers and flow direction as well as providing video security functions.

It was originally developed for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games where it was successfully used to monitor and control 100 air-conditioning units spread over the Sydney Olympic venues.

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