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Remote monitoring that won't cost you a packet!

CYPLEX Packetiser is a tightly integrated data logger and automated meter reading communications device, providing reliable communications over GSM cellular networks across the world. Packetiser enables real-time monitoring and control of assets and resources via any existing cell phone or PC.

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"CYPLEX provides the hardware platform for software entrepreneurs to take their new communication solutions to the market place."


The Technology

From Meter Reading to Home Security, Vehicle Tracking to Pipeline Monitoring, Packetiser is flexible enough to adapt to an unlimited variety of applications.

Special data compression techniques ensure that information is transferred across the network efficiently and at the lowest possible cost, ensuring large-scale applications like Remote Meter Reading are economically viable.

Programmable Over the Networks

Configuration and software upgrades can be handled either at site, or from the convenience of head office, by simply downloading software changes to the Packetiser over the existing cellular networks.

Large-scale installations benefit from the ability to manage upgrades remotely and without the involvement of field personnel, reducing maintenance costs whilst providing high levels of security and ease of use.

Timely Control

Packetiser’s inputs and outputs provide fast, responsive monitoring and control, ideal for load shedding and resource management. Packetiser sends alarms to key personnel via SMS to alert them to problems, using their existing cellular handset.

Personnel can interrogate each individual Packetiser for up to date information and send text message commands to control remote equipment such as pumps and motors.


Key Applications :

Cyplex doesn't just "shift boxes". We exist to provide unique solutions to our customers. Some examples of applications our customers have engaged us for, include...

Remote Malaysian Water Reservoirs - critical tank levels are automatically relayed to pre-programmed phones, which can be as remote as Australia!

Gas and Electricity metering - Gas & Power Utilities have used our products to read customer meters from head office using SMS... much cheaper than sending staff out to read manually.

Sydney Olympic Games - We provided a solution to monitor over 100 air-conditioning units on site during the Olympics. Remote monitoring meant our client didn't need to be watching units 24/7. Packetiser did that for them!

See more about our current projects:

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