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ALP – Analogue Load Profile Log stored in a Packetiser


Cellular Network – A network architecture common to mobile telephone communications applications.


CSDC – Circuit Switched Data Call – like a voice call it is point to point single session.


Double Redundancy – two levels of recovery backup


Dynamic IP – IP address that is assigned by the network as required and that is never known in advance to network users


Fixed IP ( Static IP ) – IP address which never changes and can be contacted at will.


GPRS – General Packet Radio Service – packet data


GSM – Cellular Telephome Network now common in most countries


LALP – Latest ALP


LLP – Latest LP


LP -  Load Profile Pulse Log stored by a Packetiser


Negative Acknowledgement – Similar to above but signifying that the Recipient has been too late in acknowledging the alarm message and that the message is now forwarded to the next recipient on the list.


One-Shot – An SMS packet which is not processed by the telco network in the usual “store and forward” manner


Packet Data – Data assembled in discrete addressable packets transmitted at varying interval over the network, rather than delivered in a continuous stream


Packetising – The aggressive data compression and assembly of that data into packets.


Positive Acknowledgement – SMS message returned by a Packetiser to a Recipient in response  to an alarm acknowledgement message sent by the

Recipient within the allowed alarm acknowledgement time. This message confirms that the Recipient is responsible for rectifying the alarm condition at site. It also terminates the alarm distribution routine.


Recipient – Recipient of alarm messages – has access righs to the Packetiser


SIM Card – The card supplied by the Telco to be fitted into a cellular mobile handset to enable a mobile phone service connection.


SMS – Short Message Service - packet data


SMSC – Short Message Service Centre


Supervisor – Does not receive alarms – has access rites to the Packetiser


TELCO – Telephone network provider


Time Sync – Time synchronisation routine used to keep all Packetisers within accurate time when compared with real time.


Workgroup – Group of Recipients stored in the Gateway. Responsible for maintaining a Packetiser monitored site



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