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Remote Water Level Monitoring and Alarm Systems

The Technical team at CYPLEX Communications (M) Sdn Bhd has consulted with one of the Worlds best engineers in the field of Non Revenue Water Conservation (NRW). That person is Dewi Rogers, a very experienced hydrologist that helped write the “water bible”. He is a renowned speaker at world water exhibitions and seminars.

CYPLEX Communications (M) Sdn Bhd has learnt his method and sought to improve upon it in a dynamic way. CYPLEX Communications (M) specialize in communications for the Water Industry and have designed a way that will improve on the Dewi Rogers method. >> more

Automated Networked Telemetry Systems (ANTS)

The CYPLEX PACKETISER is a very intelligent device that can help and improve the efficiency, reliability and accountability of authorities that requires monitoring, alarming, requesting and the ability to provide remote automation to any third party device.


 System Components

Product Component






  • ACAT and ALLCAT versions
  • GSM Communications, IO
  • Monitoring, alarming, control
  • Remote Confirmation of Changes
  • Bi-directional communications
  • Stand alone or network
  • 24hrs wake/sleep mode


  • No Charge inquiry (MISS CALL)
  • Force SMS during peak
  • Low or non signal area
  • Hardware and software security
  • Any pulse, digital & analogue.
  • Network clock (no battery)
  • Compression technology
  • Automatic network recovery


Amorphous Solar

(4 th Generation)


  • Small in size
  • 293x313x20mm
  • weight 3kg
  • 25yrs warranty on power output
  • Low light power source
  • 21.5 volt unloaded output
  • 17 volt to Packetiser load
  • 18.5watt panel
  • 1.4AmH delivery in full sunlight



Ultra Battery


  • Long life design
  • Copper insert terminal
  • ABS container
  • Full sealed construction
  • High Energy density
  • Unrestricted transport
  • 12yrs service life.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Float charge 2.33-2.25VPC@25c
  • Boost charge 2.35VPC225c, max 3hrs
  • Comply fully to IEC 896-2, equiv. BS 6290 Pt 4


GSM Collinear Antenna (3dBD)


  • Wireless local loop
  • Micro cell & Pico cell application
  • Black fibre radome
  • Chrome base fitting
  • All brass internal
  • N tpye female connector
  • Positive cable connector between antenna & cable

Solar charge controller



  • Charger status display
  • Pre-warning acoustic
  • Overload & short circuit indicator
  • PWM-regulation (series type)
  • Automatic 12/24 volts detection
  • Integrated temp compensation
  • Solid-state circuit & load protection
  • Solid-state reverse polarity
  • Battery state-charge display
  • Boost, Equalize & float charging

High Performance Level Sensor

  • Range 0.75mH 2O to 600mH 2O
  • Accuracy 0.06%
  • Titanium construction
  • Integral lightning surge arrestor
  • Compact 17.5mm dia package
  • Full range install accessories
  • Provide intrinsic safe version
  • Long term stability 0.1%/annum
  • Temp range -20 to 60 0c
  • IEC 61000-4-5 European std
  • Cable length to be specify
  • Vented polyurethane cable
  • Water ingress protection



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